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  • Business Expansion through Strategic Partnerships

We are a 'Brand Incubation' company based out of Bangalore, specialising in Pre-Launch & Market Positioning of products and services. We engage with businesses to research new market opportunities for your products through methodical approaches for effective launch of new products and successive market expansion.

We develop business for our clients across many segments and foster strategic partnerships for them. We work alongside our customers to identify the right markets for their products and enable profitable collaborations. Building the right kind of strategic connects. Our experts will help connect your product with the right target audience and differentiate it clearly from other products to maintain your unique Brand Identity.

We are a consulting company building roadmaps for market entry into India and trade development. Our strategic approaches to Market Positioning of products will enable you to leverage the Indian market-place much effectively.

Our team will work closely with you to bring you insights about customer behaviours & purchasing patterns of the Indian consumer to develop new solutions for customer problems. Providing market research information, analysing data, conducting test marketing, identify channels and suitable partners to make the most appropriate market entry of your product.

Trade development in India is now much simpler & faster. We handle all your business challenges of starting operations in a new country. Our job is to make your market entry to India a hassle-free and profitable venture.


No.5, 36th Main,
Banashankari III Stage,
Bangalore – 560085

Partner withus and launch Latest new products in the market

"Aspirational young professional women are attracted not just by luxury products but also by high quality, premium-priced products." (Source: Western Union). Irrespective of gender, the above statement is true of the wealthy in upcoming economies of the world.

Reaching out to the exclusive, high income groups to connect your brand can be both, exciting and challenging. That's why you will need a trustable partner to launch your premium, hand-crafted product in a new market. This will save you cost and valuable time by ensuring the suitability of your product to the right audience.

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Our work is good. We promise! And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.