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Marketing – Product & Promotion

  To start a business and for a successful product launch in India, it requires specific market intelligence about its macro &     the micro environment. We provide you precisely that! Through our customisable market research tools we bring you insights on consumer buying behaviours, market trends, competitor analysis and market potentials.  To ensure your product is a winning brand in your target market we create the right positioning strategies that are complimentary to your product & profitable for your business. To ensure effective presence of your brand identity we use a combination of media and people networks to maintain consistent communication of information. Our core business being Market Research, Positioning & Launch Strategy, Marketing & Communication Planning  and One Stop Marketing Implementation  



 Sales – Product, Place, Price 

Having collated market data, we offer actionable insights for the most appropriate product-positioning strategy for your products. We provide you flexible options to identify & implement right channels  of sales, at different stages of the business cycle. Our sales strategy is reinforced by our ability to identify the right liaison & distribution partners for your product. We build effective sales forecasting methods to establish accurate price points. With the backing of products-specific statists we develop systems of cost-effective logistics & warehousing. We extend our sales expertise to services like:  

Channel Structuring, Building Sales Strategy and Sales Management & Review 




  Business - Processes 

Analytics is central to our value proposition. Our business processes are build around insights from market responses to products. Our business strategies are made to measure and track marketing effectiveness to make your product soft-launch fruitful. We conduct both perceived brand valuation and actual brand valuation based on sales, customer experience and perception Our business services comprises of  Market Entry Strategy CRM & Analytics Marketing Effectiveness – Measurement & Tracking Brand Valuation  





Aligning to the overall business goals of our partner-organisations is paramount for us. People are believed to be the biggest asset to an organisation’s success. We hand-hold our partner-organisations through market expansion by identifying right channel and mediums, best suited for their product. All stakeholders working for your organization will be recommended based on their capability to support and grow your business. We assure the highest quality for 

Recruitment standards Distribution & Channel Planning and Training