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An exciting place to 'Engage and Build' the most effective product, campaign and strategy!

We take the bottom-up approach where we become the ‘Conversation Board’ between the users and the brands. It is here that companies can build their products for their consumers – by ‘talking to their consumers’ directly. The ease of engaging with their target audience at every step of product development phase is now possible. We believe in the merits of receiving direct inputs/feedbacks for ideas, prototypes etc. and therefore our endeavour has been to make it seemless for businesses to leverage this opportunity and make it profitable for themselves.

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Collaborative Sales Methods
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We are a 'Brand Incubation'​ company based out of Bangalore, specializing in Engage-while-building, Pre-Launch & Launch of products and services. We enable companies/brands research new-market opportunities - 'during the product development phase' for effective launch of their new products and successive market expansion.

We enable business development through our LINKTANK feature. Insights, strategies & the overall business expansion through Early Product Assessments, Go-To-Market plans, help with B2B & B2C Sales etc. We facilitate and foster strategic partnerships & collaborative sales for our clients.

Note from the founder:

The inspiration to found NUUPER came from working with new & young brands who built brilliant products that could potentially change the space that they were trying to disrupt. I wanted to join these brands in proclaiming to the world about their ‘arrival’ but could not do any better than what the brands themselves could do!

The purpose of NUUPER is to help small & large companies redefine the way they build their products & how they can improve communication with their audiences during the product development phase. Today’s method may need this change to make the entire process of NPD & Launch much effective.

This is an endeavour to make it easy, fast & economical for companies to ‘Build & Launch’ better and relevant products that start contributing to their bottom-line from the very beginning.

Hope your association with us is effective & profitable to your business.

Don’t forget to drop us a line about the new product that you are working on!

Yamini Wilfred


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