Changing Dynamics of Training | Online Feedback Mechanism


17 Jul 2019 | 0

What is meant by Online feedback mechanism?

Irrespective of the specifics, the visible indicator which tells you that you are succeeding is known as a feedback mechanism. On a basic level, it provides you a way to tracking performance of the trainees and hence help you assess the success level of the training program.

The purposes of changing over to online feedback mechanisms are inevitable. With the introduction of online platforms, the training procedures need to keep up with the changing dynamics within the sector. Online Feedback mechanisms are becoming a crucial way of evaluating trainers. With the impact of feedbacks becoming 'direct and insightful', it can be compared to the scoring system in any individual sport, like golf or tennis. Here the score provides immediate feedback, so as to allow the player to adapt & change immediately to get the desired result

Feedbacks can be game-changing when they are real-time. Leveraging this technique in the fields of customer life-cycle management and employee life-cycle management can bring about a great change in the overall functioning of a organisation.

Therefore, through online feedback mechanisms a comprehensive evaluation and assessment plan can be prepared for the future course of either an individual-trainer or an organisation, at large - indicating the measures, methods, procedures and materials used for training by the trainers. 

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