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28 Jan 2021 | 0

Creating brand visibility is crucial for your business growth. The more people know about your brand, the better are the chances for its sales. That’s the simple principle of marketing. But to implement this principle, a huge chunk of money is spent over advertisements, public relations, branding, and other marketing activities. There is no denying the fact that marketing is necessary. But what if we tell you that it does not have to be so costly?

NUUPER is a platform where ideas and products are exposed to product enthusiasts and their valuable feedback is collected and conveyed to businesses. NUUPER helps brands to improve their performance and discoverability among the target audience. It has a variety of product categories from academics to automobiles, education to enterprise software, finance, fashion, food, healthcare, luxury, manufacturing, media, sports, startup, travel, and much more. The list is endless. And the best part is you can also list your brand for free here. You can launch on NUUPER and get free brand promotion along with the evaluation feedback on your products or services. 

How do NUUPER works?

NUUPER curate interest groups and communities of product evaluators who evaluate your product and share their feedback, opinions, ideas, and inputs at every stage of product development. These product evaluators are regularly updated target audience panel, across different ages and demographics. They share common interests and hobbies and engage with the brands and provide them with honest reviews and ideas as to how to make their products or services better for end-users. These feedbacks are collected through online surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Brand Incubation

NUUPER is a place to engage and build new products, services, and brands. It helps businesses at every stage of their development with its bottom-up approach. It acts as a conversation board between users and companies. With NUUPER, businesses can talk directly to their consumers and get their feedback/inputs on their ideas, products, and services. NUUPER helps businesses at all the different stages of business that includes:

?     New product launches

?     Pre-launch market research

?     Collaborative sales method

?     Marketing strategy insights

?     Business expansion through strategic partnerships

?     Accessing distribution channels

NUUPER Process

Businesses can engage with NUUPER at any stage of their product development to launch. NUUPER helps assess progress and provide feedback from the target audience, which facilitates effective and well-round business development.

The NUUPER process includes 5 steps:

  1. The Research: Engage directly with the target audience during the new product development phase.
  2. The Strategies: Make informed decisions on advertising, launch, and sales.
  3. The Launch: Implement the idea by announcing it on NUUPER.
  4. The Sales: Take the product to market through LINKTANK expert.
  5. The Repeat: After successful execution, repeat the process with a new product.


NUUPER is an exciting platform for building and expanding your brand. By partnering with NUUPER, you can maximize your ROI with minimum time, money, and efforts involved. Contact today to get your brand on top.

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