Importance of Sampling and Product Testing before Launching


19 Feb 2021 | 0

In today’s competitive marketplace, promoting a new product or service is often faced with challenges. Consumers are wary of purchasing a new product, especially when the market is saturated with similar products. This is where sampling and product testing comes in handy. Conducting product testing before launching and offering samples to prospective consumers allows them to have a taste of the product and decide whether they like it and consider buying it. Sampling and product testing help businesses in various ways. In this article, we will be discussing the three major benefits of product sampling and testing along with significant considerations regarding the process. Let’s dive in.


Through product sampling and testing, businesses offer customers to try their products for free. This makes the customers familiar with the product and eliminates the fear factor of a new purchase. Product sampling and testing provide brand visibility for businesses among their customers. The sample sizes are small in size and enough for the customers to try and leave them for wanting more. It also helps establish customer confidence and persuade them to spread the word about your product.

Customer Feedback

Sampling and product testing allow businesses to receive feedback from customers. When customers try a new product, they form a perception about what they like and did not like. They also compare your product with a competitor’s and then offer insightful reviews. This help businesses an opportunity to learn about their target audience and improve their products for optimal performance as per the consumers’ needs.


Product testing and sampling help to identify flaws at the promotional and development phase instead of the later stage when the product has launched and reached the supermarket stores. It helps save cost as mistakes are corrected timely. It also facilitates businesses to saturate their 

small samples among big demographics in a portion of the original cost. Offering samples allow for a free advertisement of the product and hence proves beneficial overall. 


Even when product sampling and testing is comparatively cost-effective, businesses must plan their marketing budget effectively. Make use of sampling feedback services like NUUPER, which helps streamline the process and get concrete results. You can list your brand for free on NUUPER and launch your products for evaluation and feedback. NUUPER’s evaluation experts test the products and provide valuable feedback to help you improve your product. NUUPER also provides a platform for free brand promotion to businesses, which is quite useful for small-scale businesses.

Final Thoughts

Sampling and product testing is an opportunity for businesses to understand their target market needs, improve their products, and increase brand visibility in a very low-cost. It helps you connect with your target audience and build reliability for your brand. A testing and sampling platform like NUUPER help you to get your product in the right hands and refine it to the optimal standards to get the best bang for your buck.

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