How to Volunteer for Consumer Research at Top Companies: A Guide


06 Jan 2021 | 0

What if there was a way to get paid for evaluating a new product? A way to get early access to products and services where you can use them and provide feedback? Something that can also double up as a passive source of income?

Well, there is a way. A lot of companies in India and around the world are looking for volunteers to help them evaluate everything from ideas, prototypes, and even final products. Product evaluation is an integral part of user experience (UX) testing and now there is a way for you to be a part of it and get rewarded.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can become a part-time evaluation expert and get paid for surveys and product inspection.

What is the Role of User Research in Product Evaluation?

Put simply, product evaluation is a part of a product’s development cycle where a prototype of a product or the final product itself is tested out by its core target audience. Since this needs to be done before the product is launched, it requires support from volunteers like you. A lot of companies do this as beta programs to get customer feedback and suggestions before the product goes live.

Companies active in product- and service-based sectors require this type of support where they let you evaluate new products in return for rewards like cash vouchers and coupons.

Evaluation is a critical part of Agile methodology in software companies (where you can get paid for answering surveys). However, volunteer-based programs are more prevalent in organizations that manufacture certain types of products. For example, a startup working on a new prototype of a tower fan will need volunteering to test it out. Your feedback will help them improve the fan before it is ready for sale.

Types of Expert Evaluation

Companies carry out all sorts of market research and UX research before they launch a final product. Most customers who use these products do not realise the degree of research, inspection, and evaluation that goes behind them. This is why it is so hard to believe that such part-time jobs exist.

Here are some of the most common types of user-based research carried out by organizations:

·         Market research surveys

·         Product-related surveys

·         Product testing for reliability and longevity

·         Application testing for user-level (UX, UI) bugs

Such activities require individuals who can provide honest and detailed feedback. For example, a marketing professional working full-time at an agency may sign up as a product enthusiast at another company. This will allow her to put her expertise (in any field) to good use by answering questions, evaluating products, and ultimately helping brands and companies.

What’s in It for You as a Volunteer?

As a volunteer, the advantages of becoming an evaluation expert are two-fold. One, you get to utilize your expertise and help brands make better products. Two, you stand to win rewards for the time you spend and the efforts you put in during the evaluation., which is the only company that facilitates conversation between a brand and its target audiences, provides the following benefits to its volunteers:

  •        Money rewards for product evaluation and surveys
  •        Discount coupons of popular online outlets
  •        Free talktime

While getting cash for evaluation is the biggest advantage of signing up as a volunteer on, you also get the privilege to work with top brands. You can be a part of their evaluation process and enjoy products and prototypes before anyone else.

How to Volunteer Quickly and for Free?

Becoming a product enthusiast on is simple and free. Just go to the official Nuuper website and sign up as an evaluation expert. You will be able to select your areas of expertise and interests to get tailored product research requests. Choose all that apply and wait for your first survey.

Some of the most popular products available for evaluation are home appliances like smart TVs and tower fans, food products, and electronics like smartphones and speakers.

Evaluating new products and getting rewarded is a niche field in India. However, with, you can enjoy continuous requests and build yourself a small and passive stream of side income.

What better way to put your expertise and free time to use that getting paid for evaluating a product? Sign up on today. It’s free.

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