User Feedback – Critical during product development


09 Feb 2021 | 0

The most important part of running a business successfully is satisfying your customers’ needs. You may build a product with the highest number of features and the latest technologies, but unless you do not know where you are heading, you will not get the best results. Before investing time and resources in converting your brilliant idea to execution, you need to find out what your customers actually need from you. There is a golden rule of agile development that you should never forget: continually seek user feedback.

Your customers’ experiences with your brand are important information that helps you adjust your product or service to best fit their needs. There are plenty of ways to leverage user feedback, which we will cover in this article. But before that, let us understand what user feedback exactly is.

User Feedback:

User feedback is the information provided by the users about whether they are satisfied with the product or not and what was their overall experience with the brand. This information can be collected by conducting surveys or finding opinions and reviews posted by consumers online. These opinions are important resources to know how consumers perceive your brand. If you want to stand apart from your competition, then you should never stop listening to customer feedback and adjusting according to their needs.

Why User Feedback is Crucial?

1. Helps improve product and services

User feedback is an insight into what is working well for your product and what needs improvement. You might have the best professional expertise in your domain, but it is not more valuable than your customers’ experiences. Customers’ opinions ensure that your product meets their expectations and solve their needs.

2. Measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial to build brand loyalty and increase financial performance. The best way to find out whether your customers are happy with your product is by obtaining their feedback. For this, you can launch your products on NUUPER, a user feedback platform that works with evaluation experts to provide you with valuable feedback.

3. Create best customer experiences

Today, your customer experiences determine the fate of your business. If your users enjoy your product and like to associate themselves with it, your sales are bound to go high. For instance, people buy Nike products not only because they are durable but also because they give them the courage to break boundaries.

4. Improve customer retention

Satisfied customers will stay with you. But your unsatisfied customers do not necessarily have to leave you if you can identify their problems and fix them. But to do so, you need to collect timely user feedback. By asking for customers’ views, you can provide solutions to their disappointments and increase their loyalty.


Collecting user feedback is useful and we make it easy right here on NUUPER. Get your startup listing free to gain brand visibility along with valuable user feedback, resulting in increased ROI.

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