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Most of us like to buy new products, but end up using the same products for years together. When it comes to buying something new, we tend to buy products which someone has recommended to us or products that have really good reviews online & offline. This is common for all types of products ranging from electronic gadgets, beauty products or eateries.

When a new brand or new product is launched in the market, most of us are uncertain of buying/using it immediately. The psychology behind it is that most of us don’t want to take the risk of trying a new product at our own investments - simply because we are not sure of its usability, quality, value etc. We rather wait for others to test and give their feedback and recommendations, before we could take the jump. This is also an underlying factor for why organisations find it difficult to start sighting traction for their new launches, even if they are making quality products.

At NUUPER, we understand this consumer-behaviour and the need of the brands, alike. And therefore we are endeavouring to build the most exciting ‘Conversation Board’ between the users and the companies. We want to help young & new brands connect with their audiences, right when they are ideating, prototype-ing and building their products so that there is an early product-acceptance and product-adoption.

Enjoy the free samples: At the same time, we do want the users to benefit from these interaction! We want them to be involved and we want to reward them for their involvement. The reward system that we currently have are in the form of cash for feedback and free samples for trial and feedback of newly launched products.

We are thereby helping build product & brand awareness right at the start. To create a brand, it requires that the potential customers become familiar with the company's products, and what better way than Free Samples, to familiarise users! Giving free samples can promote a product without having to go through the difficult process of ‘hard selling’.

Free sample is a great way to reach people who, in a normal scenario, would not have bought the product without its popularity. It is a cost effective way to build brand loyalty. Loyalty that will stem from a first-hand use of the product without the user having to risk the investment.

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