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31 Aug 2020 | 0

Do you have new ideas and products but lack feedback that can gain you a better insight about the user experience? If yes, then you surely must get onto the NUUPER platform. It is the best place for you to implement the 'Evaluation Process' for your product and connect your brand to a major audience. 

Feedback has a stronger impact when included at different stages, right from making the purchase decision to getting the right visibility with potential buyers, thereby creating a strong credibility. This eventually influences the brand identity in a better way.

At Nuuper brands get to evaluate their products that are ready to be launched or at the development stage. The team curates the panel of target audiences appropriate to specific requirements. The respondents are shortlisted as per their likes, expertise, and interest.

Making Product Experience better with NUUPER

We see that people don’t want to buy a product if there are no feedback/reviews or personal recommendation made. At Nuuper, a brand has the best chance of soliciting unbiased feedback. Those who give feedback as well get great rewarded. Even the research estimates that more than 89 % of the survey respondents were satisfied to give feedback since it played a crucial role to influence their purchasing decision. Most of the companies might be working hard to create a brand by providing an impeccable product and service experience. But they lack a chance to use it well. That is why there is a need to focus on managing unbiased feedback.

The role of feedback and online Surveys in Today’s time:

The role of Nuuper for the Users:

Nuuper offers the best opportunity for users who wan to interact with new or old brands, directly. The best part is they get paid and rewarded for taking part in our surveys.

  • If you participate in giving feedback for a product you get paid/rewarded
  • You can receive free samples
  • You can be an ‘Evaluation Expert’ to participate in continuous surveys
  • You can earn great rewards to share feedback

The role of Nuuper for the brands

We understand the value of customer feedback for the brands. The genuine feedback for the product you sell is the input shared by the users about their experiences with your product. For those brands serving the best products, feedback can prove valuable to them for product evolution. Feedback can be a powerful tool for building marketing plans and strategies, that can give the leadership team better insight into the future growth of all aspects of the company, right from the product to customer support. 

NUUPER is a platform that is enabling the direct consumer connect at every stage of a business. You can thus see the your business from a customer's viewpoints which will make a huge difference for the future. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? So explore the services today!

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