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13 Mar 2019 | 0

Today consumer market seeks to find products that promise them “QUALITY BRAND + AFFORDABILITY” for all products of day-to-day use. But when it comes to new products in the market, there is always a hesitation before trying or buying a new product in the consumer’s mind.

We understand this indecision in the consumer’s part and that is why we at NUUPER enable brands and consumers collaborate during the product development phase.

This is an attempt to reduce the ambiguity in the consumer’s mind and help the brands build trust, right from the beginning of the product development phase. When the consumer is involved and knows how his products is being made, the product becomes relatable, personal and easier to adopt.

On the other hand, the brands can either deploy lesser resources or find the most effective methods of deploying resources into their marketing activities. This will in-turn translate into cost saving and effective strategies.

Free Samples: Who doesn’t like a free sample now-and-then!!

One of the best ways to engage with the user during the product development phase is sending out samples. “Free Samples for Trial” are given to people not just to promote the brand but also to create awareness about the product, its specifications and most importantly the benefits, etc..

On NUUPER we facilitate constructive feedback and review mechanisms of free samples. Giving people a chance to receive free samples from several brands and thereafter collecting their inputs about these samples makes it a full circle of engagement between the brands and the end consumer.

Get Paid for your Reviews: NUUPER is the only place where you get paid for your sharing your reviews.

Along with free samples for trial, the most exciting part of being on NUUPER is ‘Getting Paid’. Not only do you get to be the first one to know and try the latest and newest products in the market, the most thrilling aspect on NUUPER is that you earn cash for doing that.

Become a part of the community that builds new products. Register to be there when brands want to talk to you and get your views about the next new product that they are building.

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