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To put it in short, Reviews = Customer Experience!

Every touch-point of a brand to a customer, be it in the form of a product or employees or technology makes an impact on the overall image of the brand. The importance of customer experience cannot be emphasized more when we state ‘experiences sell’, indicating how there is a direct bearing of customer experience on the overall sales of a product.

In recent times, these experiences are getting translated into reviews. Better the reviews, better the sales! These reviews are playing a key role in brand-building and capturing customer experiences about a product.

Reviews are the modern day version of good old the ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. The advent of technology has ensured that ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing moves online, far and wide. This makes it important for companies to monitor and focus on bettering their review ratings, in order to better their sales.

Reviews are a good way of capturing the voice of a first-time buyer and for an assessment of his first experience about a brand/product. This is also a good parameter to assess the many facets of a product, such as: accessibility, usability and likability etc.. ‘Recommendations’ are playing a large role in buyer-behaviour and a first-time buyer is the most likely to assess a product through this parameter.

Quality issues can make or break any brand. Businesses can promote a positive brand reputation through the review mechanism. Product reviews enable the businesses to gather actionable insights about their products such as features, quality, appeal etc. that customers love and the potential problems that can be solved through re-iterations. Reviews can me an excellent tool to build the best version of a product.

Therefore, customer reviews are a valuable source of unbiased feedback which can be very useful to companies who want to build a new product or sell more of their existing product as well as for those who want to enhance the customer experience of their products.  Transparent and genuine reviews are indicators of a more satisfied customer in the long run.

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