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If you ask us, what is the most exciting part of being at NUUPER? The answer, unanimously will be ‘the diversity within the community’ and they impact the decision making at large and small companies.

It is interesting as well as intriguing to see how people from a certain community (who share common interests and liking to a subject) have different perspectives, opinions and preferences about it. “It is obvious”, you might say. But what is driving these communities to share their feedback? What is it in for them? Why and how are they engaging with these brands?

At NUUPER we create opportunities for users and brands to engage, interact and collaborate. We enable meaningful conversations around topics like product development, strategies and resource deployment through our agile feedback mechanisms.

All this is possible because we understand the importance of REWARDING the participants! For a product-enthusiast what can be more satisfying than the fact that he not only gets paid for sharing his feedback but also gets to be part of the development phases of his favorite product.

He gets to have a say in the way the product is developed. He gets to have his opinions heard & counted. He gets to be part of the communities of similar enthusiasts. Above all he gets to be the first one to sample the newest products in the market.

These product enthusiasts can be part of our multiple ‘Feedback Panels’ - depending upon their areas of interests, hobbies or subject matter expertise.

So if you are passionate about new products, latest launches and want to get paid for your feedback, then we want you on our team. Join us today and be part of the product evolution on NUUPER.

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