Why Evaluation is Important at Every stage of Product Development

Yamini Wilfred

02 Jan 2020 | 0

How can you make evaluation an integral part of your Product Development?

Making evaluation an integral part of product development means evaluation should be a part of everything you do. Design your product by keeping evaluation at the core, collect data on an on-going basis and use these data to continuously improve your product.

The benefits of implementing such an evaluation system has many benefits such as:

  • better understanding of your target audiences' needs
  • how to meet these needs through your product solutions
  • design product with measurable assessments
  • monitor progress toward building an effective and efficient product
  • get better insights through evaluation
  • increase the product launch rate and evaluate the impact


However, the entire process of evaluation is dependent on communities of right people who could engage and give feedback at every step. Engaging these communities in developing and implementing a product evaluation program can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of o product.


Challenges of implementing an Evaluation Program

There are several challenges that must be overcome to implement an effective evaluation program. Namely:

  • It is important to have communities of the target audience engage through-and-through the processes of product conceptualization, development, implementation, analysis and launch.
  • Ample organizational structures and resources are essential to engage these communities in the evaluation process, conduct it, and analyze and disseminate the results.
  • It takes more time to develop a product without considering the evaluation inputs from communities.
  • It is important that all persons involved in product development understand that although the evaluation may identify problems and limitations that make them uncomfortable, addressing those issues can contribute to the product’s improvement.
  • Finding and implementing the appropriate evaluation design and methodology.


'Evaluation Communities' at NUUPER

At NUPPER, we curate these communities who can engage and share their feedback, inputs, opinions and ideas at every stage of product development. These communities are groups of people who share common interests, hobbies and are ‘product enthusiasts’ at heart!

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