Agile Methodology for Retail


29 Oct 2020 | 0

Do you know that the businesses that do agile methodology right, reduce their cost by 25-35%, and accelerate their services by 100-200%?

Want to implement an agile methodology for your retail business but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. NUUPER will help you with your successful retail agile model. With a thorough evaluation process for your business by our evaluation experts, we help you enhance the customer experience and build better customer-brand relationships for your business.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is all about being flexible throughout the business process and evolving your product for any customer requirements that may arise. As a retail business, you need to continuously develop, test, and improve your product based on the feedback that you receive. It helps you in faster product completion and better product development using the product evaluation method from time to time. It also assists you to predict emerging trends and respond faster to customer needs. Thereby, improving your business growth.


At NUUPER, we help you develop a robust end-product by employing detailed market research followed by a powerful evaluation process and customer feedback that helps you improve upon your existing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and build an effective agile retail model to grow your business. 

How does Agile Work?

Agile Methodology uses big data to anticipate customer needs, changing trends, and efficient production cycles to better serve customers. It works with the basic MVP. Using fruitful product evaluation methods, it helps you gain quick feedback and iterate the process from there.

NUUPER makes this whole process easier by using effective marketing technology and product evaluation. We hire product enthusiasts to evaluate new products and get rewarded. With our efficient team of evaluation experts, we help you gain the relevant customer feedback that helps you get in the right direction for your product development process.

Our agile methodology principles are simple. We follow:

  • Customer collaboration
  • Quick response to change
  • Individuals and interactions
  • Working software
  • Frequent deliveries
  • Self-organized team
  • Technical excellence

Our principles are aimed at delivering quality results to you that increase your business graph by satisfying your end customers with a valuable product.

How do we do it?

At NUUPER, we offer great opportunities to users who are interested in interacting with businesses and their products to conduct product evaluation. In return for their services, they earn cash for evaluation. By participating continuously in various surveys, they become product enthusiasts and get paid for evaluating a new product. As a part of our team of evaluators, users also get a reward for product evaluation for delivering their honest, authentic, and valuable feedback.

We understand that ultimately it is the customers for whom the output is being generated. Therefore, throughout our agile methodology, we adopt a customer-centric approach. We collaborate across different functions by conducting surveys on each one of them. And our users participate in them and get paid for surveys by delivering their unbiased feedback. We help businesses maximize the ROI on their every action in the process by providing them with quick responses and information about room for improvement.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

Agile methodology with the focus on delivering an MVP at the end of each process, generates insights, values, and demands to get the desired output. It facilitates businesses to capitalize on every scale. The test and run approach of agile, helps retail businesses overcome the obstacles in their growth. It introduces new solutions to problems that slow down businesses. Thus, increasing development speed through innovation. Agile methodology increases customer and employee engagements by investing more resources into customer-oriented activities.

NUUPER offers a combination of tools and resources to help you with your feedback requirements. With our advanced marketing technology and effective evaluation process, we deliver solutions that enhance your daily workflow along with episodic activities. We help you meet your customer expectations and build better brand loyalty. 

At NUUPER, we believe in creating a business impact that helps you achieve your mission through measurable progress. Agile methodology is a game-changer for retail businesses’ growth and we are at the forefront of this model. Partner with us and take your business to the next level!  

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