Perils of Assuming Customer Needs


14 Oct 2020 | 0

Your customers are the soul of your business. If they are satisfied, then nothing can stop you from becoming No. 1. Happy customers mean more sales, resulting in higher business growth. That is why customers are the core of every business activity that you undertake. But many times, businesses struggle to keep their customers satisfied even after investing a lot of time, effort, and money.


Wondering what goes wrong with them? It’s misunderstanding their customers. Many businesses make the mistake of assuming their customer needs instead of recognizing them. Any business activity, undertaken without conducting prior market research is bound to result in failure.  

Problems with customers’ needs assumptions

As per reports, 58% of content marketers believe that audience relevance is the biggest contributor to business success. But many businesses miss this important factor by not having proper customer knowledge to establish relevance. To maintain a stronghold of your customers, you need to align your business practices with an agile methodology focused on customer feedback.

If you do not have concrete data about your customers and products, chances are you will assume it. But assuming and knowing are two very different things. If you design your products and services based on assumptions, you will lose on your growth opportunities. Many times due to lack of proper feedback businesses suppose that their products are fit for customer use. But it is far from the truth. The thing is, your customers have varying needs and till the time you do not fulfill those needs, you cannot earn customer loyalty. The experience of using a product is different as a consumer than as a producer. So, you need an honest, real, and unbiased feedback that helps you understand the pain points of your customers.

Assuming your customer needs can cost you:

  • Customer engagement
  • Brand-customer relationship
  • Business growth opportunities
  • Product improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  •   Business revenue
  • Customer loyalty

In the competitive marketplace, you need to stay on your toes all the time to succeed. Your every business activity should be foolproof. Otherwise, it will become easy for your competitors to get an edge over you.

Marketing technology for successful business

Before launching a product or a service, a business needs to ensure that it follows a customer-oriented approach throughout the process. Because in the end, the output is to be used by customers only. A business model should have a dedicated room for customer feedback to gain insights about the product. And for this, businesses must employ an evaluation process that helps them get the right feedback at the right time to improve upon the product.

Adopting an agile methodology in the business model makes the overall process faster and high-yielding. Thus, removing the hurdles along the path using effective marketing techniques.  Good product evaluation is important for retaining customers as it equips you with the information required to deal with user pain points and hence increase the overall customer satisfaction.

Evaluation expert to enhance customer experience

A business needs a quality product evaluation to understand the issues in its products and find a way to minimize them. A feedback platform that targets the right audience for getting customer feedback is vital to refine your business processes. NUUPER is one such platform that employs product enthusiasts to evaluate new products and get rewarded for it. These evaluation experts conduct product evaluation through participating in surveys. They provide valuable feedback that helps improve the product. And in return, they get paid for surveys.

NUUPER associates with users who have a keen interest in products and businesses and provide them opportunities to evaluate a product and get rewarded for evaluation. Any user who is product enthusiasts and brand loyalists can join and get paid for evaluating a new product. The authentic feedback provided by the users is then conveyed to the businesses. Thus, creating a win-win for both users by giving rewards for product evaluation and businesses by giving valuable information.

With a customer-centric approach, businesses can develop smart solutions that solve their customers’ genuine problems and help them grow. All it needs is an effective evaluation process that asks the right question, to the right people, at the right time.    

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