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19 Nov 2020 | 0

NUUPER is a platform that encourages new ideas, concepts, and discussions for almost everything surrounding your day-to-day lives. From getting up from bed in the morning to going to bed again at night, we all use numerous products and services. These products and services help us do things, achieve the desired outcomes, enjoy better comfortability, and even simply sustain ourselves. They play a vital part in our lives. But the human mind is such that it ignores the most obvious things around itself. Though some of us cannot get up from bed without our favorite coffee, or go running without plugging in our favorite earphones, or spend our free time without using our smartphones, we do not talk much about these important little things in life.

We use products 24X7 but spend very little time considering their advantages, importance, and features that provide us with the results we are so habitual of getting. Every day there comes a new product in the market that claims to deliver a solution to a problem. Business organizations spend lots and lots of time and money researching the pain points of customers and finding the perfect solutions for them to build an optimal product.

Product Knowledge & Its Importance

As consumers, it is important to understand the solutions and the process behind building a product to make an informed purchase decision. Having product knowledge also helps businesses better gain the consumers' perspectives and thus helps create a better product based on user response. All of us have some kind of special interest in one thing or the other. The reason for this interest can be simply that we like something. These interests help us build product knowledge which provides many benefits such as:

 Build product enthusiasm

 Become subject matter expert

-   Give courage and confidence

- Help in product comparison

- Assist in decision-making

- Help drive value for money

- Provides self-assurance

- Gives power to consumers

By discussing our interests and sharing our insights, we can also help others make better decisions. For instance, let's say ‘A’ likes cooking and has a good interest in kitchen ingredients. ‘A’ has a hobby of researching and experimenting with different cooking products. Over time, ‘A’ has acquired a good knowledge base on kitchen products. ‘B’, who is manufacturing a new kitchen ingredient, needs help in understanding the performance of its product from a user’s perspective. So that it can be improved further. Here, ‘B’ can make use of ‘A’ to achieve its goals and ‘A’ can get to do more of what it likes, that is, review the kitchen products. So, it is a win-win situation for both of them.


NUUPER - A Platform for Product Enthusiasts & Interest Discussions

NUUPER works on the same ground as discussed in the above example. It is a platform where product enthusiasts, that is, the people who are interested in a product or category, get to discuss, use, and review more of these products. They, in turn, help businesses devoted to those products to improve their product performance for the end-users. The product enthusiasts provide their feedback after reviewing the products in their development stages and help companies make better improvements. The product enthusiasts also get paid and rewarded for their services. These rewards can be free talk-time, discount coupons, or even cash.

NUUPER curates interest groups of users who are interested in a specific product and are passionate about it. These users are provided with samples of products that they use and then deliver their feedback on them. They participate in questionnaires and online surveys and provide their valuable responses to questions asked. These respondents are selected on the basis of their interests, knowledge, and likings. Anyone who wants to be a product enthusiast can register on NUUPER and can start evaluating products based on their preferences. By joining as a feedback panelist at NUUPER, you can earn extra income while enjoying what you like to do.

NUUPER is one of its kind platform that is facilitating such valuable discussions about the interests and hobbies of users. It is helping consumers as well as brands to achieve their goals and get maximum value for their money. 

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