Iteration – How Multiple User Testing can ensure for the best MVP


21 Oct 2020 | 0

The sure-shot way to ensure the successful growth of your business is by providing value to your customers. And for this, you need quality product performance. Multiple user testing helps businesses collect constant feedback to analyze product performance and build a solid MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The market research performed during the initial stages helps businesses attain superior product development leading to higher user experience.

Importance of user testing

User testing helps businesses understand the most important questions of what, how, and why. It answers the why behind customers using a product, what behind the reasons for their response towards a product, and how behind their experience of using a product. All these answers are important for businesses to build a powerful product that customers would love to use and remain loyal to.

Product evaluation through user testing benefits the business in a lot of different ways:  

-       Saves time and resources in the development stage.

-       Replace guesswork with authentic customer feedback.

-       Improve product and enhance user experience

Business innovation results from constant iteration. And iteration happens through constant feedback.

Collection of user feedback

Collecting user feedback during the initial stages of your product development can be difficult. You are simply discussing an idea or a half-baked product with the users, which might not yield productive results. This is where professional user feedback platforms come in handy. They help you conduct a thorough evaluation process of your product and deliver you valuable customer feedback.

NUUPER is one such leading platform that provides remarkable solutions to your user testing and feedback needs. We recruit evaluation experts that analyze your products completely and help you improve upon the existing problems to create a sound end product. With our agile methodology, you get the best results on your product evaluation.

User testing at multiple stages

To ensure the best MVP, you need to do multiple user testing at different stages of product development. These stages are:

  1. Early development stage
  2. MVP validation and beta development stage
  3. Post-commercialization stage 

Businesses need a powerful user testing strategy that caters to the specific needs of the production and development process of the product at all these stages. Your user testing should be designed to elicit information about the problems that your product is the solution for. The process should be exploratory and focused on looking for all relevant data and insights about the product from its users.

MVP and User testing

The main goal of an MVP is to test user experience and iterate the developmental process until the optimal result is achieved. A successful user testing process helps businesses gain complete user feedback on all the important aspects of the product that directly or indirectly affects the user experience. Your MVP allows you to validate your business ideas, plans, products, and services. But it is possible only through effective user testing.

If you are looking for a good user testing and feedback platform, then consider NUUPER. We help businesses with their product development through valuable user feedbacks on their MVP. We also provide opportunities for our users to become product enthusiasts by participating in user testing and getting rewards for product evaluation. Our users get paid for surveys that they participate in and provide their feedback for. Our cash for evaluation policy helps users evaluate new products and get rewarded. This way, we ensure that every feedback that we provide to our clients is authentic, relevant, and credible. Any user interested in product evaluation can associate with us and get paid for evaluating a new product. We ensure good results for both our clients and users using our service.

Key takeaways for best MVP

The basic principle for ensuring a good MVP is conducting timely user testing and implementing the feedback effectively at every stage of the process. Multiple user testing is extremely important as it provides you with information that you do not know and helps you polish your product in the most profound way possible. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, iteration and user testing are your best companions for developing an excellent product. 

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