4 Reasons Why User Experiences Matter


06 Nov 2020 | 0

How your users feel about your product says a lot about how well you know them. It also shows the extent of research and user testing gone behind creating the product.

Take the example of a mattress startup that wanted to create a unique product that tries to address all the pain points generally associated with a mattress. What did it do? It turned to gamification and hired evaluation experts – volunteers who would get paid for evaluating new products. After six months of user experience testing, the startup was able to obtain constructive feedback for its product as well as for its upgrades. Today, its mattresses are some of the best in the market.

How? It is because of the power of user experience testing and feedback, the most critical parts of a product’s evaluation process.

If you are a startup or a manufacturer, you should consider hiring product enthusiasts and pay them for surveys and testing. Here are four reasons why.

1. Confirm the Purpose of Your Product

Why did you create your product? To fill a purpose and help your users achieve something. Correct? When you follow the Agile methodology adopted by software engineers for your product’s manufacturing cycle, you are essentially reconfirming this purpose.

User experiences help you observe if the projected purpose aligns with what your users think about your product. Does the mattress provide them with superior comfort and long-lasting slumber support as you had imagined? Are they happy or frustrated? Is the product worth its cost that you have in mind? Do the users think so? Or are there any gaps in user experience?

This is the type of information that is critical in a product’s iterative manufacturing process. It is also a part of modern marketing tech processes adopted by companies around the world.

2. Test with Different Persons

The power of user experience testing is in its scope. For instance, Nuuper.com, a B2B market research company with a focus on product evaluation, enables companies to test their products by a wide range of volunteers. They can be subject matter experts or general users in different age groups.

This way you get feedback from a variety of users, who could be your potential customers in future. This is often a challenging activity for businesses as there is no way to get them all in one place. With Nuuper.com, such evaluation experts can be found in one place. And this is not just limited to any one sector. Companies and products across sectors and niches can find volunteers for beta testing.

3. Carry Out Different Types of Tests

When it comes to customer feedback, you want it for all the aspects of your product. Its look, usability, longevity, comparable quality, and cost. For this, you can hire volunteers and pay them for surveys. Or you could send the product to them, ask them to use it for a week, and then provide the feedback. This gives you a lot of data to work with, which can eventually improve your product’s evaluation process.

A lot of companies including product manufacturing startups do this. Here are some common options:

·         Cash for evaluation of a product prototype

·         Getting paid for surveys with detailed multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

·         Market research survey

·         Testing for usability (UX) and UI (for apps and websites)

·         User opinions on advertising and marketing aspects of your product

4. Get Honest Feedback from Curated participants

One of the reasons why those paid reviews on ecommerce portals do not seem honest is because the feedback could be biased. The reviewer either gets the product for free or gets something (money or vouchers) equally substantial in return. This doesn’t really help because you are not getting the true picture of your product.

With Nuuper.com, the focus is on getting honest and unbiased feedback. This means you will get a proper idea of what your users think are the pros and cons of your product. This is the way it should be.

Nuuper.com strives to put products and their workflow first, which will allow you to gain honest and true customer feedback. Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly reach out to beta testers, convince them with gamification, and then initiate the testing. With Nuuper.com, it’s straightforward. Just sing up on the website, mention your requirements, and you are ready. Try now.

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