Delimiting Relevant Markets

22 Feb 2018 | Nuuper | 0

Target markets for any product are not pre-determined! The decision-makers in organizations and their sub-units determine what they consider will be their relevant market.

Going Global: Developing a new market or moving into a ...

Could there be as many Brands as Products?

21 Feb 2018 | Nuuper | 0

The answer could be YES if we presume that the consumer, to whom you are trying to talk to, is really listening to you. But what if he/she is not listening? Or what if he/she is unable to listen because of the loud noises that millions of other product...

Change is the only Constant

08 Mar 2018 | Guest Writer - Srikanth Vasuraj | 0

With ever-changing market dynamics, it is only the agile who will survive. Most start-ups that I have known or read about had to change the entire business plan atleast once before they could hit on a winner … if at all. So hanging on...

Does your product have a market?

04 Apr 2018 | By Guest Writer - Srikanth Vasuraj | 0

Change is the only Constant
Guest Writer - Srikanth Vasuraj on 08 Mar 2018